North County Food Pantry

Monday: 10:00am - 2:00pm, Wednesday: 8:30am - 12:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions for CLIENTS

How often can our family get food at The Pantry?

Full orders, once every 30 days, which is shopping all the shelves and Government Commodities. Supplemental orders are available once a week. A supplemental order consists of mostly produce and some specialties shelves plus eggs and other cooler products when available.

What kind of information do we need to bring with us when we pickup food?

Once you enroll with us, you don’t have to bring anything. To enroll we need: a picture ID for head of household, name and birth date information for each family member, proof of address for each family member and a self-declaration of income per federal guidelines (we have a chart).

Do we have to bring our own shopping bags?

No, but it would be helpful.

Is all the food non-perishable, like in cans and packages?

Not all is non-perishable, there is meat, eggs, and fresh produce.

How often is there fresh produce?

Whenever possible. Usually weekly.

Are we allowed to pick our own produce from the garden in the summer?

Only if you are a garden volunteer. You do get to tell us what produce you want.

Do you have cooking classes so we can learn to cook the food we get?

No, but Second Harvest has weekly classes for free that you need to register to attend at 1234 Front Avenue in Spokane WA.

What kinds of classes are there?

At Second Harvest you get groceries to make a meal with them, they teach you how to cook a meal that you can take home.

Is there any help with applying for other benefits available?

Limited help at this time.

Are there any toiletries, or soaps?

Yes. Unfortunately, this is one of the things that we have to purchase, as they are rarely donated.

Do you have medical gear there?

Wheelchairs, air socks, walkers, crutches, shower-seats, bed rails, and toilet risers available with no fee.

Is there help for veterans?


north county food pantry


If I love cooking, could I volunteer to do that at The Pantry?

Most definitely, we would welcome the help.

When is the best time to call to ask a question at The Pantry?

Monday 8am-2pm, Wednesday 8am-12pm.

If I volunteer and something comes up, will that be a problem?


I like to get my hands dirty, could I volunteer to help in the garden?

Definitely. Chris loves new volunteers.

I have filled-out an application to volunteer, what do I do next?

Interview with the Director.

Is there child care available while I am volunteering?

No, sorry.

Do you have to have special training to be a volunteer?


Can I bring my children with me when I volunteer?

Depends on their age.

Your donation can make a big difference today!


North County Food Pantry